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Whale Watching in Sri Lanka –The Gentle Giants of the Ocean!

The island of Sri Lanka is quite a popular whale watching destination in South Asia, and many travellers head to the tropical isle to get a close and tantalising glimpse of these gentle giants.

Image by Oren Rozen, NZ280315 Kaikoura Whale Watching 03, CC BY-SA 3.0

Top Spots

The major locations to enjoy whale watching in Sri Lanka are Kalpitiya, Mirissa, and Trincomalee. All of these three destinations are wildly popular among tourists and have much to offer them in terms of marine life and more.

Best Time

The best time to set off on whale watching excursions is considered to be during the months of December, January, and April. During these times, you have a 95% chance of spotting whales migrating just off Dondra Point. Many travel companies on the island such as Nkar Travel House offer great packages to do so with minimal hassle.

Types of Whale Species to Spot

The Sri Lankan waters are home to the largest pod of blue whales in the world. Among the types of whale species you will encounter, include sperm and Byrde’s whales. If you happen to be really lucky you might even spot a killer whale.

Other Types of Sea Life

Apart from the whales, you can also spot plenty of bottlenose dolphins, Risso ‘s dolphins along with large pods of spinner and striped dolphins.


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