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Top snorkeling spots around Tioman

Snorkeling is one of the all-time favorites of water sports lovers and underwater explorers with a flair for enjoying marine life under the blue water surface of the sea. As you float through the sea passing beautiful coral reefs and watching schools of colorful reef fish, you will enter into a whole new world full of serenity and wonder. Mesmerized by the beauty of it, you almost forget that you are a creature of land.

There are many tour destinations that offer snorkeling practice, one such amazing place being the Tioman Island in Malaysia. The lower expense is one of the better factors about snorkeling in Tioman, while also having the opportunity of enjoying a comfortable stay at a best beach hotel. Pulau Tioman is home to several idyllic resorts that offer a complete tour package for relaxing, snorkeling or scuba diving and also sight-seeing, one such being the Berjaya Tioman Resort on the western shoreline.

Around the Tioman Island, there are many ideal spots to practice your snorkeling skills. If the best of them are listed down it will include Coral Island and Malang Rocks, Renggis Island, Marine Park and Salang Beach. Out of these, the Coral Island and Malang Rocks and the Renggis Island are more famous for their coral reefs and associated marine life while the other two places are better known for a spectacular view of many varieties of shallow water fish like clown fish.Another plus point for Tioman Islands when you are looking for a snorkeling spot is that there is no need to wear heavy and complicated snorkeling equipment. The natural surroundings of the Tioman Islands with some water currents create a suitable environment for snorkeling, even for beginners. It is widely accepted that your snorkeling experience will be at its best when you travel in small groups, sharing the joy and exchanging your moments.

snorkeling by Robert De Bock via StockSnap.io


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