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Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka – Explore the Magical Island Nation!

Sri Lanka is a small island nation with a larger than life personality. The people and the places are so vibrant and full of life that you will never feel bored. Here is a set of reasons why.

Image by: pen_ash via pixabay | CC0

The Heritage and the History

The history of Sri Lanka harkens back 2000 years, the myriad of kingdoms was rich and advanced, especially around the Cultural Triangle that was home to the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya and Kandy. Each kingdom has left its mark on the land and it will baffle you.

The Sun, the Sea, the Sand

Sri Lanka is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most inbound tour operators in Sri Lanka have found that tourists will almost always add a beach as part of their tour. It’s not to be missed.

Wildlife and Nature Resorts

Sri Lanka has a large population of wildlife including many animals that are endemic to the island. Explore the nature reserves and go on a dolphin or whale hunting mission. With operators like Tangerine Tours, the opportunities are endless.

Delicious Cuisine

Sri Lankan food comes in large portions and is always as colourful, vibrant and flavourful as its people.

The Diversity

Sri Lankans are a mishmash of people from various cultures, ethnicities and religions. They get along in harmony and are magnanimous in their hospitality to visiting guests.

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