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Tips for Women Travelling in Doha – A Quick Guide!

Thanks to Doha’s dynamic and fast-paced development, it has become a cosmopolitan and multicultural and steeped in so much rich Arabic history it is the perfect place to go for a unique holiday that gives you the best of both worlds. If you are a woman visiting alone here are some general tips to make the trip much more enjoyable.


Img via Pixabay

1. Best Time to Visit

Go in the winter! Between November to March, the mornings would get as hot as 28 degrees Celsius while at night it tends to get quite cold, almost 12 degrees Celsius.

2. Getting Around

Take an Uber or another type of ride app as that would be the safest option. You can also ask your local resort like Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels By Tivoli if they could provide transport for you. It’s highly recommended that you don’t try to drive as traffic can be pretty bad.

3. Outside the City

As mentioned, Doha is a metropolis, but it is also steeped in a lot of culture, and there is a higher chance that you can go out to explore the desert, take a half-day camel safari or go sandboarding.

4. Eating Well

There is plenty of food for all kinds of budgets, but keep in mind that as a Muslim country there will not be any pork available.

5. Dress Specifics

Tourists in Doha don’t have to adhere to a dress code, but women are expected to dress modestly. If you follow the rule of thumb to keep your shoulders and knees covered, you should be okay. Hotels in Doha, however, will allow you to dress as you please while you are inside.



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