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Thu Bon River

The Thu Bon River is a gorgeous river that flows through Hoi An in Vietnam. Located in Central Vietnam, it flows northwest through several villages creating a picturesque view as it forms the border between Suy Xuyen and Dai Loc. The valley of Thu Bon has been the center of the Champa culture that existed in Vietnam from 700 BC.

Boat rides on this river are a famous excursion among the locals as well as tourists. The traditional way across the river is on board the local boats referred to as Sampan. There is however several better maintained tourist boats that function on the river. Most boats are steered by women. Tourists love the experience of local culture and lifestyle while these boats pass through rural villages and communities who live mostly off fishing, in little fishing huts on the banks of the river.
The time of sunset is a beautiful time to take a tour aboard a Sampan. Especially before 7 o’clock in the morning and after 16.30 in the evening, are good times to catch a great glimpse of the far stretching river and life around it. The full moon festival is a celebration that sees the area come alive with good cheer and festivities, although there is a fare hike during these days, one that’s incomparable to the once in a life time experience of this beautiful festival.

Most locals only speak Vietnamese, so you might feel a bit lost. However you will be amazed at what a long way, eye contact and hand gestures could go here. Negotiate with the Sampan women and you will even get a longer ride than usual and cover more ground or should we say river, than usual.
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