Things to Do in Brisbane after Night Falls – Let the dark welcome more fun!

Many travellers know A-Z about the things they can do in Brisbane when the sun shines. But are the nights only reserved for sleep? No- not in Brisbane. Brisbane nights are more impressive.

Twilight kayaking
This is not an adventurous experience. It’s more of a relaxing, romantic experience that you can try out with your loved one. Paddle under the Story Bridge and collect great memories.

Dine at a good restaurant

Kgbo, Logan Road, Woolloongabba, Queensland 08, CC BY-SA 4.0

Are you spending your vacation at a Woolloongabba hotel? Do not miss out on the chance to have a great meal with your family or friends. Properties such as Oaks Brisbane Woolloongabba Suites do food wonders!

Climb rocks
Why focus on fake rocks when you have Kangaroo Point Cliffs? This can be a challenging experience to climb in the night, but it’s sure to be exciting.

Watch a movie
If candlelit dinners are too mainstream, here’s a wonderful idea! Head to the Powerhouse Moonlight Cinema or the American Express Open-Air Cinema to watch a new release classic movie. You just have to grab a bean bag chair and enjoy your moments.