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The Sanya Sailing Race

China is truly a cultural destination, offering something for both the young and the old. They have a very diverse culture and have many events to promote them. The most interesting part of visiting this enchanting country is participating in their festivals such as the dragon festival and so much more. One of the most compelling factors that draws visitors there in thousands every year is the world wonder, the Great Wall of China. So when you do get the opportunity to travel to this wonderful land do not forget to experience everything that the country has to offer. Yet, there is another interesting facet of China that is still to be explored. This is the Sanya Sailing Race. Hainan is a famous place for its excellent service industry and of course for their great cuisine.

After having been held in February 2012, the race will once again return to Sanya, which is the tourist capital in the province of Hainan. The area is considered to be the best venue for the race as the racers can sail up close to the shore and even on to the bay. This is a great time to visit China because the excitement is quite overwhelming and you can see international competitors right here at the event. Due to the excellent weather conditions, you are bound to have yourself a great time and it is something that the entire family can enjoy. This is an event that is visited by over thousands of spectators who come there for their share of the fun. This two day event provides a lot of fun and entertainment that you are bound not to forget any time soon.

Staying in the area is quite an experience. Stay in a Sanya hotel or even a Sanya resort such as the Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa. Sanya has so much to offer you, so do not miss out on this splendid opportunity and explore everything that this place is renowned for. Visit the Sanya bay and also the Nanwan Monkey Island. This is a trip that you are sure to remember and you and your whole family can enjoy because as said before, there is something for everyone in the wonderful place.


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