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The Enchanted Kingdom

The fascinating theme park located in a spread over 17 hectares at the southern part of the Makati City featuring many thrilling rides and activities providing leisure to all young and adults. Apart from the main theme of showers of magic the park comprise of many attractions such as  exciting rides such as, Flying Fiesta, Rialto, Space Shuttle, Log jam, Wheel of Fate, Condor, Roller Coasters, Anchors Away, Stone Eggs and many more. The park includes seven zones for various thrilling rides like spaceport, Jungle Outpost, Midway Boardwalks, Brooklyn Place, Portobello, Victoria Park etc. 
Those visiting during the weekends can enjoy special events such as dancing and fireworks and seasonal shows during different parts of the year. The park brings out fun, amusement and entertainment for those travelling with friends and families. The enthusiastic visitors can stay over at Serviced Apartments Manila. Hotel Somerset Millennium Makati is an ideal holiday destination providing the best Makati Accommodation to all kinds of travelers varying from couples to families and friends.