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The celestial temple of Angkor – Phimeanakas

Phimeanakas is a small, laterite Hindu temple and it takes the shape of a three-stepped pyramid. In addition to the temple, there are several things to see such as the pools which have been used for different tasks back in the day.

Image credit- sam garzaBuddhist monks in front of the Angkor WatCC BY 2.0

Entrance gopura

It’s the main entrance to the temple which consists of a gopura building. The building has a central entrance door and a single tower on top.  Gorgeous indeed!

The 03 steep tiers

This pyramid temple is a popular attraction in the city, especially to the travellers staying in hotels in Siem Reap, Cambodia mainly because of its unique shape. There are three steep tiers of a diminishing size which have guardian elephant statues at each of their corners.

On top of the pyramid

You find a platform surrounded by small galleries on the top of this pyramid and at the centre of this platform, there are ruins of a small cruciform sanctuary.

The Phimeanakas stele

If you stay at hotels such as FCC Angkor Siem Reap during your holidays and are looking for some good options that will help you discover more about the history of the city, this attraction is ideal not only because the small temple takes an impressive shape; but also because you find treasures like the stele here, which reveals some wealthy information of a past king.