Wild Life Safaris

As you drive or trek into the many hectares of the national parks in Sri Lanka that are open to the public, you will discover just why the country is such a popular place to visit amongst nature enthusiasts. Yala, one of the country’s largest national parks is probably the most popular of them all. A river gurgles and twists itself before ending in the gorgeous blue ocean waves of the eastern sea of Sri Lanka. The pearly white sands are a perfect haven to curl up, lounge and drown in the rays of the sun. Within a natural enclave created by trees that kiss the sky are elephants, leopards, wild boar, sloth bears, herons and peacocks.

A safari in Sri Lanka often includes an overnight stay within the park territory, giving you the opportunity to observe the activities of nocturnal species and occasionally elephants can be heard trumpeting as they move around after dusk. Wilpattu, Singharaja, Bundala and Udawalawe or the Kithulgala rainforest which is located closer to the country’s capital city are all well loved destinations by nature lovers.

The Sinharaja rainforest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is bound to create a memorable experience for those who like to trek into jungles. Sinharaja is home to many Sri Lankan endemic fauna and flora and has been the centre for many studies carried out by environmentalists. The location and landscape at Udawalawe make it one of the most appropriate places to see elephants up close and to feed the friendly deer.

Sri Lanka is synonymous with tea, gems, beautiful beaches, the hill country, hospitable people and not to forget wildlife safaris. During any season that you choose to travel to the tiny island nation, there is bound to be many venues to opt for. Sri Lanka tour packages will give you a basic guide as to whether the safaris along the eastern coast are better at a particular time or whether sticking to the mid country jungles is the best option. Regardless of the choice you make, all holiday packages Sri Lanka come wrapped in all its finery. For convenience, peace of mind and an unforgettable island experience, get in touch with Shanti Travel Sri Lanka as they have great deals and itineraries.