Best Beaches in West Coast of Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean sure has some amazing beaches that lure tourists every year. The coastal belt of Sri Lanka is something that you must explore. Here are a few beaches that are not too far from Colombo for starters.


This is a coastal city that is just 37 km away from Colombo which is about 1.5 hours travel time on the highway. Negombo is popular for beautiful beaches that are surfer friendly and safe for almost any water sport.

Mount Lavinia
This is one of the most residential zones in Colombo, especially for the middle class. This place has one of the most scenic beaches where the middle class often visit in the evenings for a jog or to walk their pets.

This is a beach city that is popular for hotels.Beruwela offers some of the best luxury resorts such as The Eden Resort & Spa for a nice stay. The beaches here are great too but the waters can sometimes be too rough so look out for the red flag.

Unlike the rest of the beaches, this isn’t a crowded one. Instead, the ambience is of that of a calm village where you can just relax.