Dune Bashing in Mui Ne

Vast expanses of red and white rolling sand dunes make Mui Ne, the most colourful stop on your travel itinerary during your time in Vietnam. Read on to find out everything you need to make a stop there!

How to Get There

Located in the beautiful fishing village of Mui Ne down by the south coast of the country, the sets of giant dunes can be easily reached by many a resort in Mui Ne including the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort easily. Just request your hotel reception to arrange a tour and you can enjoy a frolicking good time fast!

Image Credit: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Things to Do

The ideal spot for the sporty and adventurous, there is plenty of fun activities to do here such as sand boarding or signing up for a hot air balloon ride over the dunes. Or you can simply hire yourself a quad bike to let loose. A dune buggy can also be hired for around 30 minutes for USD 20.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit these magnificent geological oddities is early morning or evening just in time for the sunrise or sunset.


If you are all about avoiding the masses of tourists who flock to spots like these, you can consider visiting the dunes during midday. However, it will be quite hot so consider loading up on sunblock and carrying along plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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Sail a Dinghy in Veitnam

Learning to sail a simple Dhingy is often the first lesson of sailing one has. Vietnam with its variability of weather and sea has perfect weather conditions to learn this exhilarating sport. Dinghy sailing is also known as the ideal sport to promote team work and physical, mental health hence is used as team building activity by many corporates.

There are several places close to Mui Ne Village that have Dinghy training centers and a range of internationally and regionally raced classes and certified instructors. This sport also promotes team skills, survival skills while also letting riders relax with friends and family at leisure. There are individually tailor-made courses offered in Mui Ne in line with National sailing requirements and most of these courses offer hands on instructions. These programs are enjoyable and emphasize safety and good seamanship. From how to balance the boat to steering, upwind tacking downwind and Jibing, everything is taught during the course.

Head over to the coastal town of Mui Ne and try your hand at this amazing sport , or if you are a veteran at it ,Mui Ne offers the best weather conditions and readily available gear to enjoy the sunny skies and gorgeous waves while you sail away at leisure. Ride the waves with all your might as you enjoy the exotic country of Vietnam, and its inherent natural beauty.

There are many a Vietnam hotel located close to the Dinghy sailing venues. These offer the ease and conveniences of indulging in this exciting sport a stone’s throw away from luxurious comforts. These hotels also have navigators who are able to advice you on how to get started if you are new to the sport and provide you with a wealth of information on sailing.

Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa is a luxury resort in Mui Ne that offers star class luxuries within an authentic ambience. With well-appointed rooms that look over the beautiful southern coast of Vietnam, Anantara offers an unforgettable experience within its tropical retreat. Watch Mui Ne’s beautiful sun set with the wind in your hair while you go Dhingy Sailing in Beautiful Vietnam and retire by evening to the Legendary Anantara services.

Nha Trang

Vietnam is a great place to explore for the traveller who wants to see Asia. There are many popular locations to go to and well known cities that many tourists travel to. Nha Trang is one of them. It is the capital of Khanh Hoa province and located by the coast. Thus, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. On the north it is bounded by Ninh Hoà district, on the south by Cam Ranh town, on the east by the South China Sea and on the west by Diên Khánh district.

The main attraction here are the beaches, and the mild mid temperature that lasts though out the year makes it a perfect place to go in the East for a beach holiday. Catering to the travellers who come here from around the world, there are a number of hotels and resorts, shopping areas, tourist attractions, eater parks and amusements parks established not only in the main land but also in the islands that are situated close by. The area is also well known as it is a stopover for the yacht races that take place every year. What’s more is that there have also been several cruise ships stopping by in this city.

For the tourist wondering what to do in Nha Trang, there are a diversity of things to do, go and see. With many islands located close by, it is possible to spend a day hopping from island to the other and seeing their unique beauty and make friends with the locals. There are also water sports such as snorkelling, diving, jet skiing, swimming the much more to do here.

Down Cho Dam Market there is even a tourist information centre which will provide holiday makers ample information on what to see and do in this place. If one wishes to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dish of dinner or lunch there are great places serving amazing local food. One of the things that one must try out here is the bird’s nest soup, which is considered to be the best in the region. The traveller can explore this while staying at a Vietnam hotel or a resort in Mui Ne such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa.

Golf Vacations in Vietnam

Declared as the Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, Vietnam is a wonder waiting to be discovered. A land with a fascinating history dating hundreds of years back, a climate that can only be marvelled at all year along and a breathtaking natural splendour, this amazing location is nothing but perfect for a holiday. The country now offers its visitors championship courses that successfully put most western golf grounds to shame.

Popularly known as the ‘Next Thailand’ in relation to golfing, this amazing country is home to many beautiful golfing locations. The formation of the Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail in 2008 saw the Vietnam golf courses gaining global recognition. In total there are about 16 courses operating successfully within the country and around 30 under construction.

Golf courses singled out as the best here include the Dalat Palace Golf Club, the Montgomerie and the Ocean Dunes Golf Club. The growth in the number of tourist arrivals in the country and the high rising golf tours have also been due to the reasonable cost of these holidays, the far stretching coast line admired by many westerners and the tropical climate guaranteeing a great experience all year around. Consequently the number of tourist arrivals has seen an immense increase from around 250000 to 4.5 million a year.

If you are on the lookout for a beautiful Vietnam Hotel to spend your days at ease while holidaying in this beautiful country, consider a Resort in Mui Ne that believes in creating a truly authentic experience. Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa is a gorgeous hotel ideally located in the heart of Mui Ne that boasts of well-appointed rooms, world class service standards and a traditional Vietnamese touch in its hospitality.

Head over to Vietnam where there is so much to experience and savour. From traditional Vietnamese culture to ancient historic monuments that resonate architectural splendour of the good old east, mouthwatering Vietnamese cuisine and amazing golf locations. Experience the east like never before when you choose Vietnam as your next holiday destination.