Night Golfing in Jakarta

There is no better way to spend an evening than to gather with friends on the greens of Jakarta under the city lights and enjoy the city centre golf course.

Image credit- Unsplash,Steven Shircliff,CC0

More than just a sport

For many people, golf transcends sports and falls into the category of meditation. Alternatively, it can also just be a raucous good time that is perfect for relaxing with friends, family and colleagues.

Beyond the nine to five

The reality is that most people tend to play golf early in the morning to avoid being under the sun during the day. However, for those with day jobs, this is a rare opportunity so night golfing is an ideal alternative.

Pick your club

If you are a backpacker and staying at a hotel in Sudirman such as the HARRIS Suites FX Sudirman Jakarta, then you will find yourself in close vicinity to The Senayan National Golf Club.

There’s always a bite to eat

Always close at hand are various eateries that can provide a hearty meal for a hungry golfer!