Boating In Negombo

Looking for an interesting excursion while in the city of Negombo? This charming coastal town, situated a few miles away away from the Colombo International airport offers curious tourists an exciting array of activities for some quality cultural immersion. However, boating is a popular and much-loved excursion here and should be a “must-try” addition to any cultural itinerary.

Fishing boats are available for hire and take visitors on rides through the small fisheries and villages scattered along this fishing village. Sailboats take around one hour while charter boats can be hired for half-day or full-day tours on board these vessels under the helm of an experienced captain. Although the fishing experience is exciting, steering down the Kalu Ganga is a boating experience not to be missed while in this historic coastal city. Make your way past lush greenery, and witness exotic birds both migratory and native, as well as mammals and lizards, while admiring the lifestyles of the residents that is weaved around the river, for a boating experience here that is nothing short of a true adventure.

The breathtaking Negombo Lagoon is a main attraction, with its prolific mangrove swamps attracting numerous birds and sea gulls, along with an intriguing shipwreck that has formed an artificial reef for the exotic fish that swim here. Boating on the lagoon is an unforgettable experience, and visitors are able to choose from either boating on the small rivers that connect to the lagoon or on the canal. And while you indulge in this relaxing experience you can also indulge in a bit of angling firsthand, and catch some sail fish, tuna, and many more species for a seafood extravaganza to be enjoyed later on.

Graced with some of the best beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Negombo will no doubt keep you coming back for more. Whether you want to indulge in a bit of fishing with the balmy sea breeze bushing your skin, sail away on a fishing boat or explore the deep blue waters of the lagoon, Negombo will not disappoint you. Book into a renowned Negombo Hotel that offers the best of Sri Lankan hospitality, which is what you’ll discover at Jetwing Blue. From the minute you walk into its premises, this is one such Beach Hotel Negombo has to offer that promises to pamper all its guests. Equipped with the finest amenities and friendly staff who would gladly assist you with arranging excursions, this hotel will certainly add to an unforgettable Sri Lankan experience.

Scuba Diving in Negombo

Negombo is an idyllic coastal town located in the western coast of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. A massive city, it is located roughly forty kilometres from Colombo, the country’s capital. Negombo is known for its bustling fish markets, gorgeous beaches, and active night scene. It is also the place to try out a variety of water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Negombo has twelve major scuba diving spots and all of them are suitable for novices except for two. Adams Peak does not have an extensive coral network but is rich in aquatic fauna. Home to Lion Fish, Bullseye, Glass Fish, Cardinal Fish and Snappers it presents a terrific opportunity for taking photographs underwater. Barracuda Point is named after the fierce ocean predators that are found there. This gorgeous diving spot is also home to Sting Rays and Scorpion Fish. Bandara Rocks is known for its excellent visibility and a profusion of lobsters and cuttlefish. Ahas Yatra Gala is another terrific diving spot. Although one can find a plethora of aquatic life here, the main draw of Ahas Yatra Gala is the wrecks of fighter planes from World War II.

Thanthiri Gala is a somewhat shallow diving spot which nevertheless has a large network of coral. Standard Reef, with a maximum depth of around fifteen metres, offers good visibility. Route 66, also called the Oceanic Highway, is an underwater coral lined path that trails north. Lobster Reef is named after the creatures found here in large numbers and is another terrific diving spot. The other two diving spots suitable for novices are Muttiyan Gala and Hanova, where one can also try diving at night. Both Diyamba Gala and Derana Gala are more suited for divers with some experience.

Since Negombo is located so close to the airport it is convenient to stop here for a few days either on the way from or to the airport. Tourists looking for a good Negombo hotel can try the Jetwing Blue. Situated by the sea it is one of the best Sri Lanka hotels around and is sure to make one’s stay memorable.