Kitesurf Trips in Kalpitiya

Located along the west coast of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is a beach destination that offers a fascination landscape, unlike anywhere else on the island. In addition to kitesurfing, the area is in close proximity to Wilpattu National Park which offers whale watching, snorkelling and plenty more to see and do.

Where to Stay

Kitesurfing| Img via Dolphin Beach Resort

Kalpitiya has a range of accommodation to fit any budget. Depending on what kind of Kalpitiya windsurfing holiday you’re after, you’ll want to base yourself at established hotels or resorts, like Dolphin Beach Resort for example, that offer easy access and trained professionals that will guide you on a kitesurfing adventure.

Whales, Dolphins and Dives

The best time for whale and dolphin watching as well as diving is between December and April. Being a little more remote than the south coast, this means you’ll have far more private experiences in the deep blue.


Packages vary at each hotel or kitesurf school, but a reputed place will offer you certification on completing your lessons, allowing you to rent kiteboarding equipment anywhere in the world.

Beyond the Beach

Rent a bicycle and explore the countryside, join a yoga class or embark on a day’s outing to Wilpattu National Park further north, a stunning and less congested National Park teeming with sloth bear, leopard and other wildlife.