Air Ballooning in Dambulla

Get aboard a hot-air-balloon and fly over a magical land where great kingdoms flourished millennia ago and be awestruck by the immaculate vistas that comprise of ancient edifices, mountains and lush vegetation! Read on to know more about this enticing experience.

Ballooning over dambulla

Located at the heart of Sri Lanka’s Cultural triangle, Dambulla is an ancient city that is home to many historic attractions. Though visiting the region by foot is exciting, seeing them from above is certainly a unique experience. Seeing attractions such as Sigiriya, Pidurangala and surrounding forestland from a hot air balloon will create memories that will certainly tug at your heartstrings.

When can you partake in this experience

The experience entirely depends on the weather and due to monsoonal winds and rain conditions, you cannot partake in this experience during the rainy season. But the weather clears up during the months between November to April which is the ideal time for this experience.

How can you join a hot air balloon tour

Several tour operators offer this experience and you can get in touch with them easily if you are stationed at Sigiriya hotels the likes of Heritance Kandalama; all you have to do is reach out to the front desk and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Things to remember

Make sure that you wear light and comfortable clothing if you have the experience scheduled during day-time. Make sure that you bring your camera and also a pair of shades and a hat will come in handy. Listen and follow the instructions given by your pilot during your journey.