Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi

As an attraction most tourists are unaware of, the Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi City is perhaps the area’s best-kept secret in spite of it being compared to a smaller incarnation of Niagara Falls.

Image credit- flickr,CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Visiting the Waterfall

Despite its location in the city, the Parigi Waterfall remains a hidden attraction in Indonesia’s Bekasi region. Those based at HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Bekasi or any other Bekasi hotel, however, can book a tour of this charming cascade that’s wide in shape and is thus compared to the iconic Niagara Falls.

Best Time to Visit

It is important to time the tour of the Parigi Waterfall as the locale is best explored during sunny conditions as the water discharge of the cascade can be too dangerous for visitors during the wet season. Photography enthusiasts will find the venue a stunning backdrop for their social media posts and holiday photos as the massive rocks and the wide waterfall is a visually arresting sight.

No Swimming

Although there is a natural pond at the base of the fall, it is not suitable for swimming or bathing due to the murky nature of the water.

Reaching the Falls

Backpackers and travel enthusiasts who are based at the heart of Bandung City will find that the journey to the Parigi Waterfall takes nearly three hours to complete as it is located 138km away from the city. Others may wish to stay over at Bekasi or the nearby Cikiwul Village and visit the falls at their own leisure. Located on the Purbaleunyi Highway, one must venture down Raya Pantura Street to reach the waterfall.