Top Experiences and Adventures in Indonesia You Should Definitely Try

Those with a passion for adventurous activities and thrilling excursions will find Indonesia meets their holiday needs. Let’s explore some of the most exciting experiences available in the country.

Mangrove Forest Tour

Ranked among the most rewarding things to do in Indonesia, exploring the mangrove forests occupying breathtaking Bintan is a must for those who wish to walk on the wild side with mangrove snakes staring back from branches above. There’s no better way to uncover the beauty of nature than embarking on this mangrove tour. Visitors based at The Residence Bintan and similar rests will find that it is one of the top things to do in Bintan.

Snorkelling in Kanawa

Image via Wikimedia Commons (Julie aka Piper from Southern Michigan, USA, Snorkelers watching fish, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tipped to be one of the top snorkelling destinations in Indonesia, Kanawa offers tourists a glimpse of the coral gardens and the marine life occupying the Indonesian sea bed. Often compared to the exquisite underwater landscapes of Koh Phi Phi, Kanawa is a less crowded locale to engage in your favourite activity.

Ayung River Rafting

Those who head down to Ubud for a beach holiday can also sign up for a river rafting excursion of a lifetime. Taking rafters through the dense jungles of this tropical paradise, the rapids of Ayung River offer experienced and newbie rafters a fantastic challenge.

ATV Ride

ATV rides are not only accessible on the beaches of Indonesia and its pastoral villages but also in the country’s lush jungles. Travellers hankering for an off-road adventure will find that there’s nothing more engaging than driving down the rocky surfaces of Indonesia’s untamed wildernesses.




Adventure Travel in the Maldives

Plunge into a plethora of adventures when you visit the exciting tropical destination of the Maldives! Nestled in the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean, this idyllic series of islands offers excitement galore. Book a luxury Maldives resort if you wish to dive in Maldives or engage in the plethora of activities that it offers, and the Velassaru Maldives is a well-equippedresort with sports facilities to keep you fit for all the adventures to be encountered during your stay. Most resorts in Maldives offer scuba diving equipment and excursions for a memorable exploration of the crystalline waters that are home to vibrant corals, colourful marine life, and fascinating shipwrecks. You can also try out an exciting bout of surfing, wind-surfing, parasailing, with all relevant facilities offered at the resort you’re staying at, with the North Male Atoll and the Outer Atoll offering fantastic breaks.


Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and hopes to visit them all someday.