Must-Know Cool Facts About Broome Australia – Interesting things to know

If it’s a super laid-back vibe you are looking for this holiday, Broome is the place to visit on your travels. Here are some cool facts to know about this cool destination before you visit.

No letterboxes

The house in Broome does not have any letterboxes. In fact, residents pick up their mail at the post office. Quite strange, but this is only in Broome!

Pearl meat

Did you ever imagine that pearl meat could be a delicious delicacy? Well, Broome has made it happen and you cannot leave without a taste!

Outdoor movies

Outdoor movies are all the vogue here in Broome and Sun Pictures is the oldest place for this where you can enjoy a movie on deck chairs in the outdoors.

Image via Oaks Broome Hotel

Broome time

This is a term the locals use to describe the slow place of the city here. So, settle into your accommodation in Broome at a hotel the likes of Oaks Broome Hotel and slip into Broome Time.