Top Outdoor Activities in Hong Kong

After spending time indoors due to lockdowns, nothing beats enjoying the great outdoors; in Hong Kong, there are plenty of places to do this along with some adventure-filled activities.

Surfing at Big Wave Bay

While the one to six-foot waves at Big Wave Bay may not be as challenging for seasoned surfers, they still offer plenty of fun. Those staying at Tsim Sha Tsui properties like Park Hotel Hong Kong can easily plan a visit here; to add to the excitement, access the beach by hiking along the Dragon’s Back Trail.

Hiking the Lantau Peak Trail

Adventure enthusiasts staying at budget or 4-star hotels in Hong Kong can hike the trail of the second-highest mountain here, Lantau Peak. Located on Lantau Island, the trail features a climb of around 3,054 feet and it takes around 2.5 hours; mesmerising views await be it of the Big Buddha or a magical sunrise.

Wakeboarding in Sha Kiu Tau

Wakeboarding| Img via Pixabay

One can take a cruiser or junk boat to Sha Kiu Tau to enjoy the speed-filled thrills of wakeboarding. The sheltered area is perfect for this activity while sunbathing on the shore and swimming in the ocean are added allures; you can find operators which offer boat hire and wakeboard equipment for this excursion.

Canyoning in the New Territories

Set amidst mountain landscapes, the New Territories is ideal for canyoning in Hong Kong. A popular spot for this is the Ping Nam Stream which has various plunge pools and waterfalls. It takes around two hours to reach the point where you can begin a descent that will feature bum slides and waterfall abseils.



Best Adventure-filled Outdoor Activities to Try Out While in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fabulous destination for adventurous souls seeking to indulge in adrenaline-inducing activities. They will have access to a variety of thrilling adventures during a stay at one of the 4-star hotels in Hong Kong.

Kayak at Sundown

Kayaking| Img via Pixabay

Located approximately 18.9 kilometres away from Park Hotel Hong Kong is Sai Kung and kayaking across its pristine waters, especially at sundown, is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Go Ziplining at Tung Lung Chau

One of the most thrilling outdoor activities in Hong Kong, Ziplining at Tung Lung Chau is an incredibly exhilarating experience – get over your fear of heights and get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning cliffs and the blue ocean while you zoom over Tung Lung Chau island.

Spend the Night in a Tent

This is an overnight activity that you can do with your family and friends. Camping at Sai Wan is considered as one of the top picks from out of the range of outdoor activities that you can try out while in Hong Kong.

Go Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Cape Collinson is an activity that’ll leave you breathless till the end due to the magnificent views and the sense of extreme-adventure offered here. Climb with the experts in the industry with all the safety precautions in place and you will have the time of your life.



The Most Instagrammable Attractions in Hong Kong

If you are looking for the most Instagrammable spots in Hong Kong, here are some sites well worth adding to your itinerary and which make for ideal sightseeing experiences too.

Mong Kok Flower Market


Mongkok flower market| Img by: Gavin Anderson via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Vibrant bursts of colour and sweet aromas await at the Mong Kok Flower Market. Around a 15-minute drive from Park Hotel Hong Kong, this lively market features everything from potted plants to cut flowers of various hues with chrysanthemums, orchids, roses, tulips and more vying for your attention.

Choi Hung Estate

Easily one of the most famous spots in Hong Kong for Instagrammers, the Choi Hung Estate with its multicoloured basketball court and condos is not to be missed. Budget hostels and 4 star hotels in Hong Kong can be found within easy reach of this site, though try and get there early to avoid having to compete for the best vantage points!

Chi Lin Nunnery

Set amidst a modern cityscape, the Chi Lin Nunnery provides a fascinating contrast of east meets west. Featuring traditional wooden buildings and charming gardens, this sacred site is not only a great place to photograph, but also experience a sense of serenity. What’s more, entrance is free of charge too.

Tian Tan Buddha

Located on Lantau Island and 34 metres in height, the Tian Tan Buddha will inspire awe and have you clicking away! Also known as the Big Buddha, it is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong; this bronzed marvel can be reached via a climb of 268 steps and offers plenty of potentially great Insta stories.