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Swimming with Dolphins in Glenelg

Glenelg, Adelaide is well known for its marvelous dolphin spotting adventures where the gentle creatures swim up to your boat and invite you to join them for a swim.

Swimming with Dolphins| Img by: Britt Reints via FlickrCC BY 2.0


Adelaide has several coastal towns that are worthy of mention, but the family-friendly, seaside town of Glenelg is surely one of its most popular destinations. A lively mix of boutique stores, laid-back cafes and restaurants, and a beautiful beach are all just a short drive away from Adelaide’s city centre.


There are plethoras of hotels in Glenelg which range from budget to luxurious places such as Oaks Plaza Pier. Whether you are simply planning a day trip from the city or want to spend a few days here, there are plenty of choices to suit anyone’s budget.

Swim with the Dolphins

Of course, the main thrill is the dolphin cruise, which comprises of a day trip aboard a sunny catamaran. The vessel leaves Holdfast Marina at dawn and sets out to favoured dolphin sighting spots where unbelievably the mammals swim right up to your boat.

Swimmers and non-swimmers are encouraged to enter the water with the aid of a floatation rope and enjoy a swim and loads of fun with the amazing dolphins. Don’t worry all safety equipment and expert care is taken on this adventure.

Other Water Sports

Popular water sports activities in the area include Jet Ski rides along the shorelines while snorkelling expeditions are also available in the area. Surfers can catch massive point breaks while scuba divers explore the coral reefs that litter the seabed’s off the coastline.




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