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Surfing in Bali

Whether it is soaking up the tropical sun, drenching in the glistening sea, or riding the Antarctic waves, Bali is an irresistible combination of adventure and relaxation.  Days at Bali are like sunny days borrowed from the very heavens, where under the expansive blue sky, one can enjoy the most perfect swells that rise from the Antarctic and come frolicking this way as if to lure the bold and the adventurous to conquer its changing and challenging dimensions.

Among the many things that make Bali holidays a once in a life time experience, surfing plays a huge role. This island of Indonesia sits on a very snug spot on the Antarctic, embracing the southern swells from the Antarctic and has both its south east and west coasts generously scattered with surf spots.

The best month of the year for surfing is considered to be July.  However the period between April and October are supposed to be the best for the west coast considering the direction of the wind. The world famous Kuta Beach is indeed one of the most crowded areas for surfing simply because of its ideal conditions with great surfing waves that even beginners can master. What is more, its sandy beach is littered with affordable and great eating venues and accommodation and has a colourful night life plus easy access to the heart of the city and the international air port. If one wants to get away from the crowds and learn surfing, the Padang Padang beach is the perfect place for a beginner with good surfing conditions and a host of instructors who are familiar with the local conditions to guide you through the experience.

For the more experienced surfer, the Uluwatu beach is a fabulous choice.  The beach even boasts of a few exotic Bali resort villas that thrive on the breathtaking scenery of this coastal stretch. Stroll down the reef hill and come upon this ravishing beach where the swells are claimed to be hollow and fast and huge waves arise from a rocky bottom. Alila Villas Uluwatu is a cluster of villas that are ranked high among the Bali luxury villas available. The resort takes in some of the most breathtaking views from the beach with its position upon an elevated plateau. The interiors exude the Bali inspired, timeless elegance while a sense of serenity seems to surround the entire venue, including the pool and bar on the cliff top and its Warung style restaurants that serve sheer gastronomic delights.