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Sri Lankan Sloth Bear

Sri Lankan sloth bears with their shaggy black coats are now restricted to the Northern and Eastern lowlands jungles of Sri Lanka. They normally aren’t easily seen as they are quite the shy animals and enjoy their solitude.

Image Credit-SandhillcraneSri Lanka Sloth BearCC BY-SA 4.0

Sri Lankan sloth bear

It is a sub species a little different to its Indian cousin and are omnivores, so they enjoy eating small fruits, bee hives and even small insects like ants and termites. They have specially developed a lower lip for gathering these small insects. You will most often find the young cubs sometimes ride on their mother’s back or perched on top of a tree as these animals are excellent climbers.


Sri Lankan sloth bears are found in jungles especially in the dry zone. This bear can easily be spotted in Yala and Wilpattu national parks. There are many instances where humans have been attacked by the she bears with her cubs and some tribal villagers have suffered as a result of this. Therefore, close encounters are best avoided while on your jungle trek.

How to view these sloth bears

The best way to see them is to get assistance from a tour operator like Cinnamon Nature Trails, one of the many Sri Lanka wildlife tour operators that provide customized packages for customers.

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