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Splendid China in Shenzhen

Splendid China is an all inclusive miniature park located in Shenzhen. It is an ideal place to explore the history, architecture, art and traditions of the diverse nationalities in China.

Located at the Overseas Chinese Town, Splendid China Miniature Park offers the smaller and scaled down versions of the country’s great buildings, unique locations and well preserved customs. Exhibits at the park are placed to replicate their real environmental locations. Splendid China also holds a position among the world’s biggest scenery parks.

Managed by China Travel Services which is a leading travel and tourism corporation, the park is beautifully positioned by the Shenzhen Bay. It consist of more than 100 major tourist attractions in China, which are all scaled down and laid in line with the factual map of the country. Most tourist sites have been reduced to a scale of 1:15 and the entire park is separated in to two areas, namely the Comprehensive Service Area and Scenic Spot Area.

At the glamorous 30 hectare Splendid China scenery park, visitors will have the chance to explore the replicas of many of the major Chinese attractions all in one place. These miniatures are created to represent their original at its best. Many experts and architectural specialists perform extensive research at the actual sites in order to replicate the closest resemblance.

The exhibits are surrounded by beautiful gardens which makes exploring Splendid China a relaxing and pleasant. The miniature tourist sites are complete with more than 50,000 ceramic figures.

At Splendid China visitors will be able to view the miniature version of the 6,700 kilometres long Great Wall of China. The replica found in the park is made with the use of white stone, scree and green bricks. Scaled down versions of the Forbidden City also known as The Imperial Palace can also be viewed here. Other replicas include the Old Summer Palace, the Ancient Observatory of Beijing, Tibet’s Potala Palace, Mount Huangshan, Li River, Huangguoshu Waterfall, the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, Stone Forest and much more.

Splendid China is located close to numerous Luxury accommodation in Shenzhen that makes it much easier for travellers to explore. Visitors can conveniently plan their stay at a nearby Shenzhen luxury hotel and experience the warm hospitality and relaxing ambience. To experience maximum comfort and luxury the best place to stay is Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen.