Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale is known for its upscale nightlife with an eclectic blend of nightclubs, theatres, jazz clubs and restaurants serving up a delightful array of entertainment for just about every age group. As part of Arizona you can expect to see a marvellous blend of cowboys, deserts, the iconic Grand Canyon, shopaholics, golf courses and libertarians. Arizona is a great place to be, to experience that typical western charm America is so famous for. The New York Times once explained Arizona as “a dessert version of Miami’s South Beach” and as having “plenty of night partying and a buzzing hotel scene”. Arts and culture is very much celebrated affair in Scottsdale, and they are known to have the largest concentration of museums and art galleries open to the public. Scottsdale Art Festival is a popular attraction that takes place every year. And here, you can find several districts and areas dedicated to arts and galleries such as, Scottsdale Arts District that can be segmented to Main Street Arts District, Marshall Way Arts District and Old Town District. No matter your reason for visiting Scottsdale Arizona, you are sure to be pleased with the excellent selection of entertainment options available to you.

Beside the landmark Grand Canyon every tourist will visit whilst in Arizona, there is yet another tourist attraction that is worthwhile visiting – Sonoran Dessert. Standing opposite the Mohave Dessert and straddling the border of Mexico whilst overlapping in to Arizona and California is the diverse ecosystem that makes up the Sonoran Desert. Taking a look at the life that exists in this desert, there are 60 identified species of mammals, 350 bird species, over a hundred reptilian species, 20 amphibian species, native fish that amount to 30 species, over 2000 native plants and over a 1000 species of bees alone. The Sonoran Desert that borders Mexico and Tucson is also known to the natural habitat for jaguars in the whole of the United States. Whilst there is much plant and animal life in the desert, Sonoran is also home to seventeen aboriginal American cultures, making it a great place to explore.

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