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Snorkelling in Maldives

There’s plenty of reason to go snorkelling in the Maldives. Here the water is crystal clear and calm and harbours an incredible variety of marine life. With over 2000 reefs scattered across its waters; these islands are undoubtedly a snorkellers paradise.

Image credit-Pixabay,Free-Photos ,CC0

When to Visit

Now, before you grab your snorkelling kit and fly out to the Maldives in a hurry, keep in mind that certain times are better for snorkelling than others. The Maldives may be a tropical island but it experiences heavy storms during the monsoon season, this makes the waters a little rough and the animals more skittish. So, if it is an option, try to visit between January and April when the weather tends to be immaculate.

Places to Stay

The Maldives is well known for its luxurious accommodation options. A Maldives beach resort such as the Faarafushi Maldives can be a great option if you want to properly relax and unwind between bouts of snorkelling. That being said, the islands have resorts for all kinds of budgets, so be sure to browse through and pick something that works for you.

Where to Snorkel

One of the most important decisions you’ll be making is deciding on where exactly you want to snorkel in. While there’s quite the list of locations to choose from, there are three spots you can always depend on. Firstly, there’s Banana Reef which is renowned for all the different types of reef fish that call it home. Then there’s Manta Point, named as such because of its resident manta ray populations. Finally, there’s HP Reef which is known for its diverse coral varieties and reef shark population.

A Few Tips

If this is the first time you’re going snorkelling in the Maldives, the following tips may prove invaluable. Most importantly, if you’re renting gear, only do so from reputed suppliers. Remember to have a trained guide accompany you at all times in the water. Finally, when you’re underwater please refrain from touching anything without the go-ahead from your guide.