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A Solo Traveller’s Guide to Bintan Indonesia

Hidden among lush green foliage, and surrounded by idyllic beachscapes, Bintan Island is a paradisiacal escape for travelling enthusiasts from all walks of life. As a solo traveller, there are many things to know and prepare for before embarking on a solitary journey.

Image credit-Pixabay,riyan_hidayart ,CC0


Once you arrive at the main town of Bintan, you can board a ferry that is coming all the way from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. From there, you can travel to Pekanbaru by boat and get down at a certain point between the islands Sumatra and Bintan. From that point onwards, you can ride a speed boat, which is also known as a water bus to reach your destination, that is, Bintan Island.


Hostels are hard to come by unless you’re in a big city. Various places offer accommodation, and after thorough research, one can find the best Bintan resort package. It is an excellent option to take lodgings closer to the island, in properties such as Bintan Lagoon Resort.


Many parts of Indonesia are still traditional. Therefore, you might want to dress modestly. You don’t have to wear headscarves or long-sleeved clothing. A simple t-shirt and denim will do!


From a temple tucked into a banyan tree on the East coast to Gurun Pasir Busung, an ancient sand mining site that is quite picture-worthy, there is much to experience in this paradisiacal island. Hiring a diver cum guide upon the arrival of the island will make things easier as they know just where to take you.