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River Safari in Galle Sri Lanka

Boat safari on Bentota River
Boat safari on Bentota River | Img. Crdt : Jetwing Hotels

Apart from the beach bound excitement, visitors of the west coast of Sri Lanka may engage in boat safaris in the many rivers flowing into the Indian Ocean. This is usually a laid back boat ride ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Where to find river safaris
The Bentota river is popular for these outings and is only about one hour away from Galle; a key tourist city along the west coast of the island. Thus visitors seeking accommodation in Galle boutique hotels or other luxury accommodation such as Jetwing Kurulubedda may drive down for a relaxed nature infused experience.

The Bentota River is used by most hotels and resorts in the area for jet skiing and other water sports. Boats are stacked in the riverbank can be hired by those wishing to explore the river and its mangroves. A one hour excurision will cost you about Rs1500.

What to expect
The southern side of the river is infested with dense mangrove plantations. This is a lush green canopy screening the warm sun rays. You may catch a glimpse of kingfishers, vibrant butterflies lurking about and even huge water monitors chilling under the sun if you are lucky.

Keep in mind
Tourist boats are usually supposed to have life jackets. Do not get on a boat without life jackets and make sure to fasten your jackets before leaving the bank.


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