Ride the waves at the Wave House Sentosa

The Wave House Sentosa is the ideal spot for all surf fanatics out there. From body-boarding, stand-up rides to flowriding, anything that is done on a natural beach is possible here, only with more convenience and added vigour. A Singapore city hotel is ideal to stay in during the visit to the Wave House and a 4 star hotel Singapore that is preferred by many for its comfortable surroundings and amiable service is M Hotel Singapore which is located in close proximity to the Sentosa amusement park.

This is indeed the first of its kind in Asia where the visitors could experience the thrills of the waves in this artificially created 70,000-square-foot beachfront venue. Equipped with Double FlowRider® and the ultimate 10-foot FlowBarrel®, the experience is designed to truly blow the minds away of all those who have tried this unique and exhilarating adventure.