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Ride the Rapids of Bali

Located between Java and Lombok is the popular Indonesian island of Bali. Considered to be one of Indonesia’s most famous tourist destinations, Bali offers a great combination of a tropical climate, stunning scenic beauty and a unique culture. Visitors of the island can enjoy its beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes and its many cultural attractions; inclusive of traditional and modern dance and arts.
Bali, being an exotic and tropical island, also offers a wide range of recreational and leisure activities to choose from. Of these one of the most exciting and exhilarating activities is white water rafting. White water rafting involves rafting through raging rapids and waves of rivers and is considered to be a truly adrenaline pumping extreme sport. If you enjoy riding the cool raging waters of tropical rivers with stunning tropical scenery in the background, then head on down to Bali and ride the rapids!
The island has many service providers and operators who offer white water rafting facilities, making it rather easy to plan our a day with the rapids. Bali has many famous white water rafting routes that travel through various jungles and other attractions, which give the white water rafting experience an adventurous aspect too.
Three of the best sites to engage in white water rafting in Bali are the Ayung River, the Telaga Waja River and the Melanggit River. One can experience the thrills of this sport at these rivers, as they all contain rapids which range from level 2 to level 4! Of these rivers the Telega Waja River is the most challenging and is sure to test your physical and mental strength. The white water rafting operators of the island are certified institutions and will ensure your safety while you engage in this exciting and thrilling activity, so you can go ahead and enjoy yourself to the maximum. So, for a thrilling and exhilarating experience in the area, ride the rapids of the rivers of this paradise.
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