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Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

The tiny island nation is perfect with a tropical climate, incredible cuisines, sandy beaches and dramatic mountains. Here’s why you should be making a visit to the island sooner and not later.


Image by: eter van der Sluijs via wikimedia commons

1. Tropical Climate

The climate is warm and mild and balmy all year round and can get comfortably cold in the highlands. No matter where you are in Sri Lanka at whatever time, you will be comfortable.

2. Delicious Food

Sri Lankan cuisine is a delicious blend of spices and sweets that makes it a favourite among tourists. The distinct cuisine will be tasty no matter where you eat it; out at a street stand or in a luxurious hotel.

3. Rare Animals

The reason Sri Lanka wildlife tours are so sought after is due to the number of animals that you find on the island can’t be found elsewhere in the world. A prime example is the Sri Lankan leopard. Book a tour with a provider like Nature Odyssey.

4. Gorgeous Beaches

Sri Lanka has long been famous for pristine beaches. No matter where you are you will come across beautiful golden and white sands.

5. Whales & Dolphins

Most of Sri Lanka’s coastlines are prime sighting locations for blue whales, dolphins and other marine life.