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Prepare Yourself for an Adrenaline Pumping Wadi Bashing Experience

If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping entertainment during your holiday in Abu Dhabi, also known as the richest emirate, then you are sure to be blown away by what is in store. With bountiful entertainment to keep you on your feet all day and night, what more can you ask for?

Among the many venues for entertainment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an important activity worth mention is “Wadi bashing”. Wadi bashing is a unique pastime that defines Abu Dhabi’s desert surfing, where travellers can enjoy the many obstacle courses that include sand dunes and sand mines. These courses can be accessed by a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle.

Wadi bashing is a renowned desert sport and it is known to attract thousands of people from all parts of the world. Wadis are also known as dry riverbeds that follow a course of seasonal streams that flow through a rocky valley. You can find these Wadis in abundance when you explore the many deserts of the UAE. The excitement of this recreational activity comes to the forefront when you hop aboard your four-wheel drive and bash through the twisted routes and the zig-zag sand dune obstacles. It is stated that the best time for Wadi Bashing in the emirate is during October – April, so adventurous travellers should make sure to prepare themselves for some exhilarating challenges and new experiences.

While Wadi bashing in Abu Dhabi, travellers can also enjoy a variety of activities and some of these include a relaxing swim at a mountain pool or a sightseeing tour around the waterfalls in close proximity to the desert. Other activities could include a visit to the local tribes, where travellers can practice some of their daily rituals or even spend a night camping on the desert enjoying its beauty. A number of tours are also organized for the enthusiastic traveller; these tours include many forms of entertainment such as a desert safari, a desert Wadi bashing tour, a desert barbeque, camel rides and a traditional Arabic dance performed by belly dancers.

If you are looking for captivating Abu Dhabi resorts offering exciting entertainments such as Wadi bashing, a stay at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara will prove a worthy choice. This luxury resort Abu Dhabi provides guests with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf waters and fine facilities for a memorable stay.