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Planning your Auckland Itinerary – Things to enjoy

Boasting some of the country’s best museums and cultural institutions, New Zealand’s most populous city is an ideal spot to visit. Here are a few top places you should consider visiting.

Cornwall Park

Less than 15 minutes from Avani Metropolis Auckland Residences and several of the other best hotels in Auckland, this sprawling park offers an abundance of greenery and an atmosphere of complete relaxation. The family friend atmosphere and amenities, such as picnic areas, jogging and bike paths, a playground and so much more make this park an all in one location, catering to everyone!

Noel JonesCornwall park 0631 (9798007543)CC BY-SA 2.0

Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a dormant volcano that is completely covered in grass, offering the best views of Downtown Auckland. Mount Eden is also the highest natural point in Auckland and the best time to visit would be either during sunrise or sunset.

Ingolfson at English Wikipedia
(Original text: Uploader.), Mount Eden Crater Hollow Auckland, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Auckland Zoo

The Auckland zoo is a sprawling animal sanctuary, boasting a large number of exotic and native animals. Together with a number of people-friendly facilities, there is also plenty of roaming space for animals.

111 Emergency from New Zealand, Lioness at Auckland Zoo – Flickr – 111 EmergencyCC BY 2.0