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Planning the Perfect Vacation to Myanmar

Myanmar was previously known as Burma and even from the earlier days, this country was known to the world for its stunning temples, beautiful historic landscapes and much more. A tour to Myanmar can be really exciting if you do some proper planning beforehand.


The best time to visit
To visit Myanmar, the best time would be the shoulder season which falls from April to May and October to November. But every hotel in Yangon as well as in other regions gets their maximum number of visitors from November to February when the weather is cooler.

Organizing visas
If you want to travel to this country, applying for visas is a must. But the process is easy because it can be done online. There is a fee applicable and the process does not take too long if all documents are fine and clear.

Where to stay in Myanmar
It is not a big burden to find accommodation in Myanmar, because these are in abundance. From hostels, guesthouses to resorts such as Sedona Hotel Yangon the country has it all, and they provide safe accommodation to all their travellers as well – so security is never an issue here.

The top attractions
If you are interested in temples, the country has the best places to visit. Pick from places such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Ananda Temple, Dhammayangyi Temple amongst many other historical monuments. Also, if time permits visit Bagan if you have a passion to explore architecture and Inle’s Waterways if you want to see the largest freshwater body in the country.