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Plan a Trip to Wilpattu National Park Sri Lanka

Embark on a journey to witness nature at its best and raw state, discover tranquillity as you wander through the wilderness at the Wilpattu National Park.

Image Credit- Rehman Abubakr, WilpattuNationalPark-April2014 (8)CC BY-SA 4.0


Located 26 Kilometers north of Puttalam and 30 Kilometers west Anuradhapura, Wilpattu Sri Lanka is placed at the lowland dry zone in the north western region of Sri Lanka. It has a number of lakes and tanks supporting a variety of wildlife. It is also regarded as one of the oldest and largest nature reserves in Sri Lanka.

A bit of History

The park was designated as a sanctuary in 1905 and was upgraded to a national park in the year of 1938. Today it has become as one of the most sought over nature travel destinations in Sri Lanka.


The region receives an annual rainfall of approximately 1000mm and the average temperature fluctuates between 25-30 Degrees. The inter monsoonal rains during March and the north east monsoonal period from December – February are the main sources of rain and what makes this land thrive with wildlife.

The Experience

The reserve is home to an extensive range of flora and fauna, some of the species of plants and animals are endemic to Sri Lanka. Witnessing them up-close and personal will certainly be a worthy experience and you can make that happen by planning your tour with Cinnamon Nature Trails.

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