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A Guide to Hiking in Sri Lanka

The temperature in the hill country barely goes over 21 degrees normally, and the best way to start your hikes would be during the early morning hours.

World’s End in Horton Plains

If you ask anyone the most famous hill country hike in Sri Lanka, they would tell you about World’s End in Horton Plains featuring a stunning precipice. The trail here is approximately 4km, with an additional 2km if you visit Baker’s Falls. Early morning between 6-9am is the best time to visit so that you can see right to the bottom of the sheer drop; or else you will just be seeing a cloud of white swirls. You can easily plan a day excursion here from properties like Bandarawela Hotel.

Central Sri Lanka

Bandarawela, Ella and Haputale are some of the most famous areas for hiking in Central Sri Lanka; they are lined with beautiful green tea estates where you can see colourful tea pluckers in the wee hours hard at work. Best is to stay at a Bandarawela hotel that can help organise your hiking excursion.

The Knuckles Range

Image Credit- AstronomyinertiaKnuckles RangeCC BY-SA 3.0

If you explore Central Sri Lanka more, you will come across a broad mountain range called “Knuckles”. Like its name, the mountain is shaped like the knuckles on your hand. Located off Kandy, the Knuckles Mountain Range is approximately 18,512 hectares and is a hiker’s paradise, with rocky mountain tops and cascading waterfalls.

Lipton’s Seat

In Haputale, you can hike up to the point known as Lipton’s Seat where stunning views of the Dambetenne Tea Estate await. This enchanting spot was once used by Sir Thomas Lipton and this lofty vantage point can be reached via a 7km track.

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