Places You Can’t-miss in Doha

The capital city of Qatar- the rich country of Doha has now become a great tourist destination due to its availability of multiple attractions, luxury accommodation options, and good infrastructure.

Doha International Airport
If you spend your Doha holiday in a resort the likes of Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, why not go and visit the 27th busiest airport- the Doha International Airport? It is just a 15-minute ride from the hotel.

The Rumeila Park
All 5-star hotels in Doha offer you the same experiences sometimes. This is the moment you will need a change and at the Rumeila Park, you find a good diversity. It has an art gallery; an outdoor theatre and a kids’ play area too to make your moments amazing!

Doha Heritage Village
The heritage village hosts several events that are well-loved by tourists all around the world. And here, you can also explore several historical monuments like the Al Koot Fort and the Clock Tower.

The Al Zunara Fort
This is an archaeological center, that you should visit especially if you would love to see Arabic books and a collection of many other books as well.