Pidurangala rock hike in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Pidurangala Rock is one of the best-hiking destinations that Sri Lanka has to offer. The trek up is full of amazing sights to see and you get treated to an amazing view of the surrounding landscape once you reach the top – here’s a closer look at what this hike is like.

Image credit- Unsplash, Damien Cornu,CC0

The History

Pidurangala was first established by King Kashyapa – the same king who commissioned the famous Sigiriya Fortress found close by – and was to serve as a Buddhist monastery and holy site. Pilgrims from all across the kingdoms would make the trek up the mountains to offer tribute and receive blessings.

The Way Up

There are plenty of Sigiriya hotels in the vicinity – for example, the Aliya Resort Resort and Spa – that will include a hike up Pidurangala in their itinerary. Do keep in mind that the hike can be a bit challenging – granted the reward is well worth it.

The Pidurangala Temple

Before you reach the top of the rock, you’ll first come across the Pidurangala Temple. While most of the temple has now unfortunately fallen into ruin, the massive Reclining Buddha Statue still remains and makes for an impressive sight.

The View

The view from the top of Pidurangala is simply amazing – from up here, you’ll get a great look at the nearby Sigiriya Fortress and well the endless expanse of forests and distant mountains that spread around in all directions.