Kirinda/Kalpitiya Whale Watching

The name of Sri Lanka itself brings to mind visions of golden sandy beaches, unprecedented natural beauty and some scenic venues where memories are bound to be created. Regardless of which part of the country you have booked your hotel at or you have set your itinerary for the whole stay will be nothing short of enthralling.

Kirinda lies along the Southern coast of Sri Lanka and it is within the Kirinda Fisheries Harbour that the spectacular experience of whale watching takes places the most. The Sri Lanka Navy runs a cruise service, which leaves the harbor early to catch the activities of the sea creatures when there is plenty of light. As the liner glides smoothly along the waves suddenly there’s a movement in the ocean and a pair of fins flutter above the sea’s surface for a moment. A few yards more and an entire dolphin is seen shimmering just below the blue veil of the Indian Ocean and then the whale watching phenomenon continues in full swing.

There is opportunity to witness the graceful moves of these marine animals in Kalpitiya as well, which is at the other end of the island along the West Coast of the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Though Kalpitiya is richly endowed with natural beauty it has not attracted too many visitors. Thus, its beauty remains unmarred and the habitat of the resident whales and dolphins is unaffected. The lagoon of Puttalam is also a great place to do a spot of diving to see the aquatic creatures from an entirely different angle. Locals are ever willing to assist the adventurous sorts that hit the shores of Kalpitiya and a boat ride can be arranged fairly easily at a reasonable price. Don’t be surprised if a shoal of dolphins spring out from the endless ocean waves to welcome you after you venture far enough into the ocean bed.

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Amazing Komodo Dragons of Bali

No trip to Bali would be complete without an excursion to view the formidable Komodo dragons found in the islands in its vicinity. These ferocious predators, the world’s largest lizards, can reach a weight of 70 kg and a length of 3 m. Komodo dragons are carnivorous, feeding on deer, other mammals and birds as well as carrion. Many of the dragons’ prey are poisoned by the toxic bacteria found in their saliva which causes infection and ultimately death.
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Kayaking in Maldives

One of the world’s top destinations for water sports, Maldives is blessed with stunning natural beauty and excellent conditions for a wide range of water sport activities. Among these, kayaking proves to be an unforgettable experience. Both tandem and single kayaks are available in the Maldives.  Try a peek-a-boo and glass kayak for a more adventurous experience paddling your way around the shallow waters. If you take a glass kayak you can marvel at the mesmerizing marine life below. Offering an exceptional kayaking experience is the popular Maldives resort known as Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. A gem among Maldives luxury hotels, it also boasts an array of other water sport facilities.

Exciting Sea Kayaking in Phuket

Sea kayaking in the environs of Phuket is an enthralling experience that will be enjoyed by all. The areas of Krabi and Phang Nga Bay provide sensational kayaking excursions that will never be forgotten. Kayakers will see a hidden and unique world as they manoeuvre their sturdy canoes through a complex of picturesque crystalline limestone caverns. Visitors will see forest fauna and flora, including fish, monkeys and birds.

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Safari World Bangkok

Visit a mini-Africa on your next trip to Thailand and drop into Safari World which is smaller than Africa only in geographical size. Even though it is smaller in comparison to Africa, it is really not small by any means as this world famous park covers a mammoth area of approximately 740 acres. Much like Africa’s local wildlife, Safari World, too, boasts animals such as friendly seals and dolphins, orangutans, leopards and exotic birds. Due to the diversity and colour brought in by these animals, the picturesque setting is also considered a zoo. The assortments of creatures have spaces dedicated to them in the four corners of the park, which are themed Bird Park, Safari Park, Macaw Island and Game Corner.

Enjoy a forty five minute drive through a wildlife wonderland and watch various animals, like lions and tigers, in their habitats. Proceed further to witness how the same wild beasts can be tamed and trained to perform in live shows. For the ones who love watching action packed movies of Jackie Chan, there is plenty of action at the Stunt Show which is guaranteed to keep you glued. Those of you who love Free Willy, should pay a visit to the Dolphin Show and see all the tossing and turning the friendly dolphins do for your merriment. To get your funny bone tickled watch the funny antics of the chimpanzees at the Chimpanzee Show. It will definitely keep you in fits of laughter. Be a spectator at the Elephant Show and observe the talent and capabilities of the majestic pachyderm.

Make sure you dedicate an entire day for this expedition as Safari World Bangkok is a well thought out venture that can educate, entertain and relax your mind. Go armed with a camera as there will be many a memory to capture and dozens of events that you have never seen before.

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Galway’s Land Bird Sanctuary

Sri Lanka is the tear-drop shaped jewel in the Indian Ocean, recognised for having an amazing diversity for a country so compact. Gently arching golden-sand beaches fringing the island’s coasts, the rich bio-diversity and a wealth of culture and heritage all add up to make the country an ideal tourist destination. Its culture, well rooted in history, is rich in tradition and lush rainforests present idyllic havens, home to exotic wildlife. Owing to this variety of attractions, there is no lack of activities for visitors to indulge in.

While ancient cities such as Pollonaruwa and Anuradhapura take pride in their rich heritage which is well represented by ancient ruins and structures, the hillside of the country is in absolute contrast to that.
The diversity of birds plays a major part in the country’s wildlife. The tropical weather and the lush green environment provide birdlife with a veritable sanctuary to nest and breed. Among the many birds inhabiting the island are migratory and endangered bird species.

Verdant tea plantations, mist shrouded mountains, lavish greenery and cascading waterfalls make Nuwara Eliya in the hill country of Sri Lanka a picture perfect refuge. Often referred to as the Little England of the island, the stunning city is home to the Galway’s Land Bird Sanctuary.

Located near the popular Lake Gregory and the Victoria Park, this bird sanctuary has a total area that spans over 20 acres. Holding nearly 30 native bird species and 20 rare migrant species, the sanctuary is quite small compared to other reserves and parks in the island.

The refreshing serenity of the lush landscapes in Nuwara Eliya can be experienced while staying at a hotel in Sri Lanka. Among the many hotels, those located atop towering hills afford breathtaking vistas and an authentic taste of the former British settlers’ lifestyle.

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Sri Lanka Wildlife

The paradisiacal island of Sri Lanka is popularly known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The palm fringed, golden sandy beaches adorn the coastline of this tropical island which has long been admired by travellers from all corners of the world. Boasting a rich cultural, religious and natural heritage, this splendid haven takes pride in being one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Whilst the pristine beaches remain the main attractions of the island’s coastal regions, the hill country has been blessed with stunning waterfalls amidst mist shrouded mountains and emerald green tea estates.

Of the various aspects which make Sri Lanka an exceptional holiday destination, its wildlife tops the list. For a country with a relatively small land area, Sri Lanka is home to a great number of various wildlife species including endemic species. Those visiting the nation hardly miss the opportunity to take a glimpse of the rich and diverse flora and fauna thriving in this land.

Ranking amongst the top 25 biodiversity hot spots in the world, Sri Lanka is home to wildlife species including reptiles, amphibians, marine life and bird life. The sheer number of elephants and leopards inhabiting the island continues to enthral nature lovers and photographers. The elephant gathering taking place at Minneriya National Park is deemed as one of the top natural phenomena in the world. Taking place annually during the period of August to September, this marvellous wildlife spectacle involves the gathering of over 300 wild elephants.

Boasting a great variety of wildlife, the tropical rainforest of Sinharaja is a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts. A World Heritage Site, this lush forest reserve is recognized for its high degree of endemism among the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and butterflies. Among the other premier national parks in the island are Udawalawe, Bundala, Yala, Horton Plains and Wasgomuwa.

Due to the rapid increase of population and urbanization, the local wildlife has come under threat. However, the local authorities have taken initiatives to conserve these natural treasures by establishing sanctuaries. For community based conservation of local wildlife they focus on executing long term research and environmental education projects.

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Top 5 Attractions In Sri Lanka

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is a tropical island famous for its pristine beaches, exotic wildlife and cuisine, ancient monuments, vibrant culture and not forgetting warm and hospitable people who make visiting this paradise isle a truly unforgettable holiday experience! While the island may be relatively small in size it is home to a diverse array of attractions and places of interest that offer something for young and old alike. Those planning a holiday here have much to see and do and the following are among the top attractions in Sri Lanka.

One of the main draws is undoubtedly the island’s sundrenched beaches which offer an idyllic coastal getaway in which to soak up the sun, laze in the sand and enjoy exciting water sports in the surf! While Sri Lanka’s south coast and such areas as Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Galle are among the hotspots when it comes to popular seaside destinations, west coast areas such as Negombo and Wadduwa also offer soft golden sand and family friendly water sports a plenty.

Animal safaris, elephant and leopard safaris in particular, are also a very popular attraction for those visiting the country. The Yala National Park is a well known animal sanctuary that is of particular interest for those interested in experiencing a leopard safari and depending on the time of year and a bit of luck, one can witness and photograph these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Not to be missed is a visit to the Minneriya National Wildlife Park where one can embark on an elephant safari and view the world famous ‘Gathering’; a spectacular natural event where hundreds of elephants gather together near the Minneriya Water Tank.

Those wanting a more up close and personal view of elephants can visit another extremely popular attraction known as the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. Home to orphaned elephants, this unique safe haven lets visitors get a first hand view of these lovable giants being fed and bathed. Since the orphanage also engages in breeding activities, one can also witness baby elephants with their mothers and at play!

Travellers looking to soak up some culture can head to the country’s hill capital Kandy where one can visit the famous Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This sacred Buddhist temple which is known for its golden canopy is located in the city centre itself and houses what is believed to be the scared tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Another cultural marvel worth visiting is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this magnificent rock fortress is home to ancient frescoes and lets one also get a view of a fascinating architectural marvel that has been called the eighth wonder of the world.

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Underwater Sightseeing

Thailand is famous for its gorgeous beaches, wild nightlife and amazing shopping opportunities, and has long been a prime holiday spot. The tourist season reaches its peak between November and February, which also happens to be the country’s ‘cool’ season. However, whether one visits Thailand during the height of the tourist season or during the somewhat quieter off-season, there is always plenty to do. Beaches are among the favourite places in the nation. The ribbons of white sand that separate the lush palm trees from the mesmerising blue waters are accessible throughout the year. So are a myriad of activities associated with the beaches. One will be able to find all the favourites such as wind surfing, jet skiing, para gliding, and of course, scuba diving.

The waters off the coast of Thailand are known for their marine diversity, and the country boasts numerous amazing diving spots. The Andaman Sea is warm and hospitable, and the sheer variety of aquatic fauna it contains is dizzying. There are a number of places that offer facilities for scuba diving, but choose a place that rents out underwater cameras. Renting a camera does add to the cost of the dive, but it is definitely worth it considering the kaleidoscope of life beneath the shimmering waters.

The waters surrounding Thailand feature extensive coral reefs, and they come in a variety of shapes and colours, and act as homes for many sea creatures. Of course, some types of fish are more intriguing than others. The rhinopia is a brightly coloured angler fish. The strange looking creature is quite hard to spot, which makes sighting it all the more rewarding. Octopodes are a bit more common. In fact, the playful eight legged creatures have been known to snatch cameras off unsuspecting divers. Lucky divers may also get the opportunity to see barracuda, jellyfish, and even the largest fish of all, the whale shark.

While the beaches of Samui and Phuket are obvious options, the lesser developed island of Hua Hin is a better choice. Less crowded, quieter and more peaceful, it is the ideal place for rest and relaxation. One can also find plenty of Hua Hin luxury hotels that are designed to pamper their guests, the Anantara Hua Hin, Thailand being one of them. This gem among Hua Hin hotels has a delightful spa which is sure to help guests de-stress.

Adventure Sports in Kuta

Renowned for its spectacular sunsets, Kuta in Bali is a nightlife hub as well as a mecca for shopping, with its clusters of boutiques, shops and galleries. Stretching as far north as the eyes can see, Kuta’s pristine beach is often crowded with various tourists. The waves kissing the shores of this beach are ideal for surfing. This thrilling adventure sport draws enthusiasts from around the globe. Experienced surfers will enjoy the surf at Canggu, which is between Tanah Lot and Kuta. Lying out to the Sea from the Kuta Beach, Kuta Reef also presents excellent conditions for surfing. Visitors in the area can also indulge in water sports such as snorkelling and diving. When choosing a Bangkok hotel, an option to consider is Anantara Bangkok Sathorn. A standout among luxury hotels Bangkok, it is located within easy access of various shopping and business hubs.