Out of this World

Maldives, while being a favourite holiday destination for its relaxed and peaceful vibe and beautiful coastal scenery also plays host to thousands of visitors who come there to experience the fabulous underwater scenery. Excellent under water visibility, an incredible array of marine life and spectacular underwater landscapes add much to the diving experience.

Maldives is well geared to provide the best underwater adventures that anyone could have. Every resort island has a PADI certified diving school with UDI and PADI certified instructors and excellent quality, well maintained equipment for hire so that visitors may enjoy the underwater adventures in store beneath the waves. The natural coastal lagoons around resorts are perfect for diver training. The dive schools also teach courses in rescue diving, night diving and underwater photography that adds to the range of adventures to be had beneath the waves. While it is possible to dive in the coastal water off resorts, scuba diving off coastal crafts is one of the preferred ways to experience popular dive sites and to have that much vaunted underwater adventure at any time of day. Maldives is said to have more than 1001 dive sites and living aboard is the best way to get access to them. Night diving that is said to have a ‘completely different feel’ is another way of having a really great underwater adventure. Although visibility is reduced to only the beam of the torch, this is the best way to see some of the micro and mega fauna that are nocturnal, coming to life. Even the colours of the corals are said to be different. Some night diving tours offer special lamps and masks capable of detecting bio luminescence. Bumping into a shark in the dark while scary will definitely enhance the experience. Seasonal diving provides excellent opportunities for adventurers to view concentrations of specific marine species. These include large shoals of manta rays that gather to feed on plankton at Hanifaru Bay and sightings of Whale Sharks, mantas, hammerheads, eagle rays and schools of pelagic fish at Ari Atoll. Drift diving past some of the most spectacular underwater scenery of cliffs, channels, precipitous walls and caves is perhaps the greatest thrill of all.

Those who do not dive can also have their own underwater adventure. A whale submarine sets off from Male and non divers can enjoy great views of coral reefs and schools of colourful fish as it dives down to a depth of 100 meters.

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