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Kerala Kayaking

If you are wondering about where to go on your next vacation, why not take a fun Kerala Kayaking tour along the scenic back waters of the area? You will first want to book a quality Kerala resort such as the Poovar Island Resort to serve as a base, and the friendly staff here will be only too glad to make all the arrangements four your backwater adventure, which makes it a quality 3 star hotel in Kerala.

Local touring company Kerala Kayaking offers an excellent array of tours that will absolutely delight everyone who embarks on it. Paddle your way through charming canals that will bring you up close and personal with the villages dotting the banks. Have lunch with a local family. Encounter a floating supermarket where you can pick up a few bits and bobs as well as a few snacks. Ensure you bring your camera and capture the scenic vistas unfolding before you and preserve them for posterity. Enjoy all of these sights whilst seated in a shikkara boat, which is a boat featuring a roof and chairs that will whisk you along the waters whilst you sit back, relax and allow the backwaters to come alive before you.


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