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Nature Excursions in Wombarra -Explore & Fall in Love with Nature

Tucked away on the northern shores of Wollongong, New South Wales in Australia is a quaint little beach town that has much to offer for the nature lover. Meet cute-as-a-pie Koala bears, hike up to the beautiful Maddens Falls and relax away at the charming Wombarra Beach.

If you’re visiting Wombarra with the family, one place that you should definitely visit is the Symbio Wildlife Park. It’s just a 14-minute drive away from the town. Here you will find a wonderful assortment of some of the most curious and cutest of creatures from koalas to kangaroos, meerkats, emu birds and much more! Some of the celebrities of the Symbio Wildlife Park include Imogen the “sweetest, most adorable Koala in the world”; Cinta the Bengal tiger, Kesari the red panda and Boo and Lion, cheetahs brother who were the latest arrivals at the park. The park has numerous features and programs to enjoy and one of the most popular is the experience with the meerkats, who are said to “climb, nibble and snuggle their way into your hearts”. Then there’s the Keeper for the Day program where you can assist the zookeepers and get up, close and personal with the animals!

For ardent hikers, Maddens Falls is the destination to head over to when in Wombarra. The falls are situated within the Dharawal National Park, which is about 24 minutes away from the city. The stunning falls are the goal and the hike towards this is fairly easy that you can even go with your kids. The park is home to a curious collection of creatures such as the red wattlebirds, honeyeaters, golden whistlers, brown froglets and banjo frogs to name a few. A visit to Maddens Falls is always recommended during the spring time when the flowers are in full bloom or in April when the Madden falls are at their fullest.

Last, but never the least, is the beach! The Wombarra Beach is the ideal spot get away from all the stress and concentrate on relaxing. If you’re thinking of more than a day’s stay in Wombarra, accommodation is in plenty here. They can vary from hostels to hotels and the most exclusive of all, villas the likes of The Wombarra Beach Residence Holiday House by Emerald + Aqua Holiday Homes.

Have a picnic on the beach with your friends or family or go for a romantic stroll at sunset with your loved one- there’s plenty to do! One of the highlights of Wombarra Beach is the beautiful little rock pool that placed in such a way that it offers views of the waves on one side and the cliffs on the other. If you’re worried about sea swimming, the rock pool is ideal for you.


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