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Adam’s Peak Trekking

Shadow of the Peak
                                                    Shadow of the Adam’s Peak

The mysterious mountain known as Adam’s Peak is a well-known religious and sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. Innumerable devotees, as well as sightseers, undertake the exhausting but greatly rewarding trek up the mountain, which is sure to be a memorable experience. For convenient transportation, during your holidays in Sri Lanka a well-reputed specialist that you could consider would be Aitken Spence Travels.

Adam’s Peak is held in esteem by devotees of various religions, each claiming the famous footprint at the summit of the mountain to be a feature of their own. However, the vast majority of the pilgrims who make the climb up the mountain are members of the local Buddhist community.

sri pada, adams peak
                                                                 Climbing Adam’s Peak

Traditionally the climb up the mountain is undertaken at night, which will permit you to reach the summit before the break of dawn. If you are at the peak when dawn breaks you will have a good chance to enjoy the spectacular views without obstructing clouds, as well as an opportunity to glimpse the mountain’s mysterious shadow. Most climbers ascend Adam’s Peak during the pilgrimage season when you will be able to enjoy the experience the most.

The easiest and most popular route up the mountain is the ascent from the town of Dalhousie, which is the route taken by most climbers. An alternative would be the route from the town of Ratnapura, which is considerably longer.

The actual ascent of the mountain is likely to an exhausting experience, but will undoubtedly be a memory to treasure. You will be able to enjoy tea and refreshments at the numerous teashops found along the route. Climbers will find that the route begins with a gentle elevation, increasing to steep steps further up the mountain. On the other hand, you will find that the descent is comparatively quicker but no less arduous because by now your leg muscles are likely to be exhausted. However, this experience is unique and is sure to be a highlight of your travels in Sri Lanka.

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