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Mu Ko Phetra National Park

Mu Ko Phetra Marine Park is located in the Andaman Sea side of Thailand and is one of the largest marine parks in the country. There are around 30 islands that belong to the park and some of these islands are known to be nesting grounds for turtles that lay their eggs on the beach. Since the national park includes islands from the southern part of the Trang Province and the northern area of the Satun Province there is a variety of flora and fauna found here. The site is an excellent place to visit from sunrise to sunset. Visitors can begin the day by exploring the colourful coral reef which is home to rich marine life. Then set off on a trekking tour observing some curious animals and birds in the tropics.

The area has some of the typical features of Thai’s tropics such as steep limestone rocks and white sandy beaches so it is perfect for those who want to go for a hike. The limestone is believed to be at least 470 million years old and they reach up to 200m in height providing a spectacular view of the Andaman Sea. There are a lot of water based activities one can participate in while at the park; snorkelling, diving, swimming and kayaking are some of them. If you are feeling tired then it is best to take a ride on a cruise boat or go on a ferry. Some of the islands have been restricted to the public and you need to be with a recognized tour guide if one wants to see certain locations in the area.

One will notice that there are different types of forests scattered across the islands; rainforests, open forests and mangrove forests. The mangrove forests are in the muddy areas, near the lagoons; there are open forests on the beachfront filled with lush vegetation. The rainforests are found in the interior of the islands, and you need to travel further inside to see them. What is also fascinating are the different animal species and aquatic life you see here. Monkeys, wild pigs, bats, pythons and Indian monitors are abundant. Turtles, Brahminy kites, collared kingfishers, and reef egrets are also frequently sighted. If you are looking for a place to stay so you can visit the marine park then you should try to check into Krabi resorts. You can also consider staying at a Trang resort which makes an ideal base to explore the area. When visiting the region consider staying at Anantara Si Kao Thailand which features villas overlook the stunning Andaman Sea.

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