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Mount Bromo

Southeast Asia’s best known archipelago is the nation known as Indonesia. Awash with colours of nature, cultures and scenic beauty this island is a true tropical paradise. The picturesque landscapes encompass a rich biodiversity that visitors flock to witness.
Indonesia consists of thousands of islets. Among the popular touristic haunts are Bali, Kalimantan and Papua. Java however is the unanimous choice for those interested in experiencing the true nature of the islands. The country’s capital Jakarta is located within its shores and is the commercial, economical and political centre of the nation. Among the mainstay of attractions for visitors to Java are the scattered volcanoes.
Mount Bromo is a volcano in Eastern Java that is active. Located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it derives its name from the Hindu god known as Brahma. Considered by many as one of the country’s most extraordinary and legendary volcanoes, it was created by a previous crater that exploded generating Mount Bromo and Mount Botok.
At a height of over 2000 metres, this peak is among the taller mounts located in the area ensuing that these highlands are ensconced in lakes and valleys. According to the legend surrounding the Mount, a vow by a princess from the 15th century was broken and until it was fulfilled brimstone and fire erupted. To-date religious ceremonies are performed in commemoration where offerings such as fresh produce are given.
Adventurous visitors tour the Mount which consists of a trek of over three miles. Some even venture to the site on a pony or a jeep. Those arriving at the active volcano can witness the simmering molten ash. However, travellers are forewarned and alerted of the dangers of closing in to this sight as its status remains active.
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