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Most Thrilling Wildlife Safaris in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to a variety of flora and fauna and thus the nation places considerable emphasis on protecting its fragile and pristine natural ecosystems. One of the best ways to explore its natural beauty is by joining Wildlife Safaris. Read on to know about few of them.

Safari in Srilanka | Amila Tennakoon | Flickr

Yala Wildlife Safari

Composed of light forest, brackish lagoons, and grassy regions, Yala is one of Sri Lanka’s most sought-after nature reserves. The national park is home to a plethora of mammals including the elusive Sri Lankan leopard that is endemic to the country. You could witness these magnificent creatures up close and personal by signing up for a safari here.

Wilpattu national park safari

This park is located in the northwestern regions of the island and it is home to a large population of Sri Lankan elephants. Visitors could also see a variety of antelopes, deer and rare animals such as the Sri Lankan sloth bear during their safari tour.

Ocean Safaris

Since the country is located in the middle of a whale and dolphin migration route, there are a lot of whale and dolphin watching charters around the country. Seeing these magnificent creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat is something that is worth spending money on and it is not that expensive either.

Other safari tour experiences

There are a lot more safari experiences that you can partake during your time in Sri Lanka; there are rainforest, marshland and river safaris. You can select between these experience by choosing a travel operator for your Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours the likes of Cinnamon Nature Trails who bring in these experiences as packages which also includes your accommodation as well as your meals.