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Minneriya Elephant Gathering


Although poachers have ruthlessly brought down the elephant population across the regions of Asia and Africa, Sri Lanka is home to some 5,000-8,000 elephants. Found in north-central Sri Lanka is the Minneriya National Park where hundreds of elephants every year travel to the banks of the reservoir constructed by King Mahasena to mate, feed, bathe and even socialize.

One of world’s biggest “gatherings”

Welcoming jeeps full of tourists from across the world, this wildlife spectacle occurs every year. Known as “The Gathering”, it offers a great chance to catch glimpses of elephants spraying muddy water onto each other, calves playing around and older elephants pulling the lush grass off the ground.

When and where?

The Minneriya National Park is found about a ten-minute drive away from the popular Habarana forest. As the water in the other sources in the park recedes during the dry season from July through early November, massive herds of elephants start to advance toward the reservoir. Many a popular travel & lifestyle magazine published online such as Cinnamon Magazine features The Gathering during the season providing enough information for enthusiastic tourists and locals.

How can you head to The Gathering?

Luckily enough, there are many safari planners and tour guides around the Minneriya Park. You can easily arrange a tailor-made safari to visit and witness The Gathering.

The plus points

Although relatively small compared to other reserves in Sri Lanka, Minneriya Park is also home to other wildlife including sambar, spotted deer, langurs and even macaques.

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