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Mekong River Cruise experience

In the earlier days, civilisations were born around massive rivers, which also assisted in establishing relevant cultures. Mekong River is no exception. One can learn about the fascinating cultural aspects of an ancient civilisation when embarking on a luxury Mekong River cruise.

Image credit- Mekong Kingdoms

History of Mekong River

The earliest settlement date back to 2100 BC, the Khmer culture of Funan. Khmer empire Angkor was the last greatest Indianised state in the area. Mekong River is regarded as the cornerstone of the economic growth and prosperity of South East Asia.

Cruising Area

The spectacular Mekong Delta is spread over an area of approximately 15,000 square miles, which boasts of lush green paddy fields, fruit orchards, fish farms, and thriving ecosystems. Mekong Delta contributes to more than half of Vietnam’s rice production; hence, it’s also called the “rice bowl” of the country.

Cruising Experience

A Mekong River cruise would let travellers come across new cultures, thus being able to perceive life from a different perspective. From ancient temples and serene villages to incredible scenery and wildlife along the way, a cruise along this mighty river will offer an unparalleled experience.

Overnight Mekong Cruises

One can embark on a unique and scintillating night-time adventure on the Mekong River with cruise companies such as Mekong Kingdoms. A night-time cruise along this river would reveal a land of spellbinding beauty.