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Macau Travel Tips

Macau’s reputation has earned itself the nickname “The Vegas of China”! Did the destination pique your interest? Once colonised by the Portuguese, this city has turned out to be a wonderful option if you are more of a city traveller. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if plan to visit Macau.

Senado Square
Senado Square | Image Credit : Kounosu, Senado Square in Macau01, CC BY-SA 3.0

Travelling to and from the city

Travelling to and from Macau has been made easy since the 23rd of October in 2018 when the HZMB was introduced. This is one major bridge that connects Hong Kong to Zhuhai and Macau. One can either opt to travel by private vehicles or take the 24-hour Shuttle service. Furthermore, if you want a more scenic route a ferry ride would be ideal too.

Where to stay

It would be wise to choose your stay according to the attractions you wish to see on your visit. The Ruins of St Paul’s and Senado Square are situated towards the older side of the city. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of Macau serviced apartments and other options. Places like Ascott Macau have special deals to make things easy.

Currency to use

Macau does have its own currency which is called Macanese Patacas (MOP). Although this is used, the Hong Kong dollar too will be accepted more frequently. The exchange rate between the two currencies stands at a ratio of 1:1.


This is one of the main attraction of the city of Macau. The best part of it all is that you can sign up for free! It is important that you remember to bring along your passport though as it is necessary for registration. Sign up and test your luck!

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