Langkawi Cable Car

The duty-free archipelago of Langkawi located in the Andaman Sea and owned by Malaysia is populated sparingly with many of the tiny islands uninhabited. However, the main island of Langkawi where most of the action takes place is replete with the most resplendent opportunities for tourists where they get to take a number of rides in the sky and in the water, a 3D Art Museum and much more. The excitement doesn’t stop there as visitors can indulge in the comforts offered by a hotel in Langkawi while everything else goes on. This string of islands experiences good rainfall during the months of September and October and the vegetation is luscious. In spite of the millions of tourists that call over each year the island remains beautifully green throughout, a remark made quite often by those who reap the most benefits of staying at Berjaya Langkawi Resort.
The Langkawi cable car is unlike the usual rides in the sky as one can choose between taking a sky cab which is a tiny capsule that transports people along a steep incline for 440m. Each cabin which is known as a gondola can accommodate 06 passengers, but if you wish to you could request a private gondola. There is only one stop en route to the summit and it is best that you do not alight at this intersection since the top most cable car station allows you to enjoy the unhampered splendour of Mount Machinchang. Food and drink are not permitted during these rides which usually commence at 09.30 am each day and go on until 07.00 pm. The administration takes maintenance related matters very seriously, hence always check the availability of the cable car operation prior to scheduling your trip.

Langkawi Cable Car | Langkawi Gazzette
Langkawi Cable Car | Langkawi Gazzette

For those who find this enclosed cable car too mainstream, there is always the option to choose the glass Sky Glide. The glass panels on all sides permit the travelers to enjoy the scenic views of the mountain range as the unit moves up and down on a track.

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